Yo, CNN: This U.S City Requires Gun Ownership – Guess What Their Crime Rate Is?

If only there were a test case to show whether gun ownership increased or decreased gun violence… oh wait, there is!

Welcome to Kennesaw, Georgia. Population 33,000. They are an interesting case because, in 1982 they passed an unusual law.

“every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm”

On “Fox & Friends” on Saturday, Easterling noted that Kennesaw has had one murder in the last six years and a violent crime rate below two percent.

“It is something for a potential criminal to think about,” Easterling said.
Source: FoxNews

Violent crime below two percent?

What do you think of that statistic, Ms. Stone?

Yes, Emma, we agree.

It gets better. While everyone bickers about how the Federal government has to ‘do something’… this guy has a far more typically American approach. (Well, at least in the historical sense of an American Approach USED to be.)

“When citizens are engaged, when the community is engaged as a whole and people accept responsibility and are held accountable for their actions, I think that’s what makes the biggest difference,” Easterling said.

He said that’s why he would like to see gun policies established at the local level, as opposed to the national.

“Give it back to the people. The local community needs to handle what they know how to handle.”
Source: FoxNews

Imagine that. Instead of cookie-cutter one-size fits all sets of rules, this Mayor is defaulting to the principles of Federalism.

And to the absolute horror of the gun grabbing left, the sky hasn’t fallen in Kennesaw.

They keep telling us how they ‘effing’ love science so much more than the rest of us on the right.

What are they going to do with this data point?

(Besides doing their best ignore it.)

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