Yo, CNN: ‘Racist’ Trump’s Support Among Blacks Doubles – Is That ‘News?’

Maybe it’s because a JOB is better than an ‘Obama phone’.

This makes those race-baiting members of the Congressional Black Caucus look like complete buffoons for not applauding low black unemployment, doesn’t it?

You betcha it does.

And President Trump knows it.

The Democrats have pushed ‘black identity’ to a completely ridiculous level. They’ve dismissed Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘colorblind’ world and replaced it with shoving everyone into their own little racial box. Some have even said that modern America has a ‘racial caste system‘ that ensures that black felons are ‘denied the right to vote’ because of the little matter of breaking the law.

David Horowitz wrote a series of books on Democrats and blacks.  If you’re interested, you can read some excerpts from his book called, Progressive Racism here.

And it looks as though many African Americans are catching on.

President Trump’s support from the black community has doubled despite the Media (D) constantly calling him racist.

The report from The Atlantic, a left-leaning publication, states that Trump’s support among black men “significantly exceeds his 2016 vote share” at 23%, while his support among black women increased to 11%an average of 17%.

That score is approximately double the support that Trump received from the black community during the 2016 presidential election, as the BBC reports that approximately 8% of black voters voted for Trump.

Source:  Daily Wire

More people in the black community are waking up to the truth.


It’s about time.

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What Jim Acosta, Rachel Maddow and the Rest of The Media (D) STILL haven’t figured out yet is why we call them ‘Fake News’.

Let’s spell it out for them. In a shirt.

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