Yo, CNN: This Psycho Wounded 11 With A Hammer – Should We Ban Hammers?

Should we also ban hammers after this incident? This just goes to show that anyone who wants to hurt people will do it, no matter what the laws are.

A man with a hammer injured 10 people in an attack on a Canadian tribal headquarters Wednesday morning, according to reports.

Police said the attacker died at the Xwísten band office in Lillooet, British Columbia, after he was “subdued and restrained” by the time they arrived, CBC News reported.

The as-yet-unidentified man burst into the office around 8:30 a.m. local time and assaulted members of the aboriginal tribe also known as the Bridge River Indian Band around 155 miles northeast of Vancouver, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told CBC.

The attacker hit one council band staff member with the hammer and then let loose on the others who came to help, according to sources cited by The Vancouver Sun.

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Will leftists use the victims of this hammer attack to advocate for the banning of hammers in Canada?

No? Why not, I wonder.

If every shooting is the fault of the gun, then every hammer attack must be the fault of the hammer, right?

By the way, the attacker has been identified.

The man who died following an attack at the Xwisten/ Bridge River Indian Band near Lillooet Wednesday has been identified as David Allan Patrick James.

James, 22, died after being restrained following a vicious attack that sent 11 people to hospital. Three victims remain in serious condition.

James apparently attacked one person with a hammer and when others came to help the first victim, the hammer-wielding maniac attacked them, too.

But just guess what the leftists are doing?

If you guessed ‘blaming conservatives’ and calling them ‘racist’, you’re absolutely right!

“He had complex social and health needs that our staff did not have the resources or training to adequately respond to. And when the situation became overwhelming for him, he lashed out,” she said.

The president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC), Grand Chief Stewart Philip, called the attack a “horrifically brutal assault”, but said that, given the current conditions on-reserve, it was not surprising that it occurred.

Under the guise of transparency and belief of rampant misuse of federal funding, band offices across this country have been compelled to administer the Harper government’s increasingly strict controls on social assistance and employment programmes on-reserve while funding for band operations and programme resources were being severely cut,” he said.

Philip goes on to say, “racist government policies contribute to the deliberate economic marginalization and poverty of First Nations.”

Source: CBC

So, there were funding cuts to healthcare — in Canada? Say it ain’t so!

There’s a problem in Canada with the misuse of funds given to reserves and the move was indeed to make the spending more transparent.

The leftist media in Canada is saying that ‘funding cuts’ allowed this guy to attack 11 people with a hammer…

Nah, it’s just like all the gun crime, leftists — it’s all the hammer’s fault.


Should We Ban Hammers?

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