YES! Here’s How To Make The NFL Change Their Mind On ‘Free Speech’

Could Liberals PLEASE make up your minds? One minute, you’re telling that we need to pay six-figure fines if we use the wrong pronouns, the next, you look at the NFL and decide you are champions of free speech.

You people are making no sense at all.

These are the same people who were outraged every time Tim Tebow (remember him?) took a knee instead of, say, doing the ‘dirty bird’. He wasn’t even protesting. He was actually thanking God.

You will remember the time that Robert Griffin III had to turn his t-shirt inside out.

Of course, the Media (D) were incensed, and loudly demanding his right to free speech then, were they not? No? Not ringing any bells?


Ok, they seem to like Black Lives Matter, as a political movement, right?

Do you remember that time that the Black Lives Matter march was escorted by the very cops they were denouncing as worthless racists? The one in Dallas?

Do you remember how that ended?

A sniper who had a particular hatred of — in particular — white cops — began shooting at them. Five officers died that night. But, knowing nothing about the motives of the cop-hating racist sniping down at them, they worked hard to get those same civilians — the ones that just finished protesting the police — out of harm’s way.

Surely THAT was a ‘unifying’ moment worth commemorating in the city where it had happened.

Do you remember when Goodell encouraged all the teams to wear a memorial of that? And how open they were to those 9/11 cleats?

No, because none of THOSE things happened, either.

Well, maybe they have just RECENTLY seen the light and been won over to the significance of free expression.

Well, there’s a really easy way they could test it.

But it would take some serious cojones, because we’re pretty sure… these ‘Protest’ backers are not gonna like it.


Not one little bit.

You thought the crazies on their side were wound up as it is. Imagine what it would look like if someone tried this!

Suddenly we’d all be ‘Nazis’ and Antifa would start showing up at games.

Wouldn’t THAT be an interesting development?

Any guesses who the Media (D) would be cheering for in THAT situation?

We’ve got some guesses.

Share if you think this would have them stop talking about ‘free speech’ in a hurry.

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