Writer Claims Damon & Crowe Were PART Of Weinstein’s DIRTY Deeds

Maybe instead of trying to meddle in our lives, these guys should ‘speak truth to power’ closer to where they live. Like Hollywood.

It’s not like the idea of a ‘casting couch’ is a new development in Hollywood. It’s probably as old as Hollywood itself. And the liberties the rich and powerful take with the young and vulnerable don’t stop there.

People like Corey Feldman have been trying to bring this issue to light for a long time.

But not many others were willing to step up and expose it. And even if they were, someone else would come along and bury it.

You know, the same way SNL, Tina Fey, and Jimmy Kimmel didn’t mind throwing digs at the charges Bill Cosby faced …

But somehow they couldn’t manage to find the humor in Weinstein facing charges. (Reports were that Weinstein jokes WERE written for SNL, only to be dropped during rehearsals.)

Such courage.

But that level of courage now seems to be ‘par for the course’.

The New York Times… the paper that finally ‘outed’ Weinstein had earlier opportunities to do it. In fact, Sharon Waxman did some serious investigative journalism way back in 2004.

That’s thirteen long years ago.

No surprise then when she fish-slapped Jim Rutenberg for the holier-than-thou denunciation of Weinstein’s media enablers.

On The Wrap, Sharon explains how she had heard the rumors about Weinstein’s improper behavior, chased some leads, traveled the world to meet foreign contacts. The whole deal.

And she found ‘the goods’!

She found an Italian ’employee’ named Lombardo who got $400k but knew absolutely nothing about film. His job — the report said — was to line up Russian Escorts.

She also tracked down a woman who received a settlement.

But the story never ran. She got pressure from Weinstein.

And who backed him up?

Two A-listers called Sharon directly to vouch for Lombardo. Guess who?

Matt Damon and Russell Crowe.

Yes … THAT Matt Damon and THAT Russel Crowe.

The next time you look at them, don’t just think of the Hollywood glitz and glamor.

Think — those two men played a significant role in shielding Weinstein’s guilt from seeing the light of day.

And any other victims that he has preyed upon since that day in 2004 should remind themselves. Those two men are his enablers.

One other question we have: will his money and connections keep him from facing criminal charges?

Because if any punk off the street did a fraction of what this jackwagon was accused of, he’d never see the light of day.

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