WOW! Look At Gun Sales After VEGAS Attack

If Gun-grabbers thought this would be a great opportunity to turn people against gun ownership… they could NOT have been more wrong.

It’s enough to bring Hillary to tears.

Never letting a crisis go to waste is something Obama’s administration taught her.

So, political animal that she is, she jumped on the issue right away

We saw what happened on Twitter.

The White House Smacked her down. And so did We.

The public had a very different response.

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, shares in America’s two leading gun manufacturers, which had seen a decline after President Trump was elected, swung sharply upward. Shares in American Outdoor Brands, formerly Smith & Wesson firearms, jumped 7% as its stock price rose 3%; shares in Sturm, Ruger & Co. rose 6% as its stock price rose over 2%. Additionally, ammunition manufacturer Vista Outdoors Inc. saw its stock price rise over 2%. —DailyWire

After the Orlando, Florida, and San Bernardino, California, shootings, “you saw a two- to three-month surge in firearms sales,” said Rommel Dionisio, managing director at Aegis Capital. The two ISIS-linked attacks “certainly triggered something in the American consciousness about personal safety.”
Although a national change in gun ownership laws appears unlikely, “certainly on a state-by-state basis you can see states pass tighter gun control laws,” Dionisio said.
…Gun stocks have tended to rise after similar shootings.
In the month after mass U.S. shootings, Sturm Ruger shares climb an average of nearly 2.9 percent and American Outdoor Brands rises almost 5.4 percent, according to analysis using Kensho, a quantitative analytics tool used by hedge funds. The study looked at 32 instances since the Columbine High School shooting in April 1999 in Colorado.

The initial drop in purchases may correspond to an expectation that there would be no new restrictions on gun ownership proposed under this administration.

The gun ownership debate that’s already coming up around this issue could be driving the current spate of purchases.

Or, just as easily, the fact that some ordinary old man just laid waste to almost 60 people, and wounded hundreds more might have unsettled people enough to want personal protection.

Either way, it’s a long way from the visceral hatred of guns that liberals have managed to whip up in other countries.

And while we’re on the topic of guns… does anyone else think it’s weird that Paddock’s girlfriend ‘didn’t know anything’?

Share if the gun grabbers never miss an opportunity to chip away at the Second Amendment.

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