What This Woman Did In Kroger’s Produce Section Will Make You Shop At Whole Foods

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in a grocery store?
Because we guarantee you… this is way weirder.

Imagine your surprise.

You’re minding your own business…

Maybe you’re grabbing a few ingredients before you head home to make supper.

You step into the produce aisle to grab some salad ingredients, and you are greeted with a sight unlike anything you have ever seen:

How would YOU react?

What, exactly, is even going on here?

Is this a mental health situation?

Is she tripping on some weird street drug?

What kind of a weird turn does someone’s life have to take to make you think that laying down on the salad, and rubbing the spray on yourself is a good idea?

Maybe one of our good readers can help us make sense of this story.

Because really?


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