What Paramedic Did To Pregnant Woman Has People Calling Him, ‘The Beast’

Well, that seems to be an appropriate name for him.

The Chilean paramedic got into an altercation with a reportedly pregnant nurse and it escalated quickly.

Security cameras caught the moment that the paramedic moves in, pulls her hair, shoves her into a door while speaking threateningly to her. Just when the altercation seems over, he walks away and the nurse picks up two bags. The paramedic then turns and kicks her in the stomach sending her flying backward into the door again.

The horrific incident was captured on CCTV security cameras at a hospital in the city of Valparaiso on the coast of central Chile.

The paramedic and the woman, a nurse working at the hospital who is reportedly pregnant, are seen involved in a heated argument in a hospital corridor.


This isn’t a man, this is a complete a-hole.

The full unsettling confrontation reportedly lasted for three minutes, ending only when security guards arrived on the scene.

Even then, the man continued to hurl vitriolic abuse at the woman until the guards finally restrained him.
The footage of the assault has been posted on Chilean news websites where it has horrified viewers.

Dude has a serious anger management problem.

The paramedic has been suspended from duty pending an inquiry and is likely going to face criminal charges because of the incident.

It is still unknown what provoked the shocking attack at the hospital in Chile’s second largest city.

Neither the nurse nor the paramedic have been publicly identified, and the relationship between the pair is also not known.
Source: Daily Mail

Now you know that there will be outrage everywhere — as there should be.

But I think that this is a symptom of the ‘women and men are exactly the same’ teaching that has been pushed by feminists for years.

Shove ’em around like you might if get into a heated altercation with another dude.

Make them move for you on the sidewalk.

No, that’s just not true. No matter what those on the left say out of one side of their mouth. They spout the complete opposite from the other.

Men are responsible for pretty well everything bad in the world and there are negative words associated with men — ‘mansplaining’, ‘manspreading’, ‘rape culture’.

But women, well, they have ‘choice’ and a ‘gender pay gap’.

It hasn’t been reported if there has been damage to the baby from the vicious kick.

I wonder though, will the rabid feminist Baby Corpse Corp defend this woman’s ‘clump of cells’ because it’s wanted?

And will this man become a pariah because of his atrocious behavior?

I hope so.

Bro, women are to be treated properly. No matter what nonsense feminists spout.

A kick to the gut that sends them flying is not treating a woman properly.

It is never acceptable.

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