The Way This Girl Paid For College Is A Parents Worst Nightmare

It is a Faust-ian bargain. But one she was willing to make.

It’s hard to imagine the heartache her parents must have felt for her making that decision. Even if they eventually ‘came around’ to ‘seeing it her way’.

With her self-injury, it’s pretty clear she’s paid a pretty steep price for it. Did they become ‘accepting’ of that, too?

Adult film actress Belle Knox, who has been known to speak candidly about her suicidal past and financial setbacks, is currently enrolled at New York Law School in Tribeca, sources confirmed to Page Six.

Troubling life details about Knox, whose birth name is Miriam Weeks, were recently made into a Lifetime drama, ‘From Straight A’s to XXX.’

The studious performer first shot to fame at 18 after it was disclosed she had been making scandalous films to pay her steep tuition fees.
Source: Daily Mail

Having sex on camera for money isn’t where her problems end.

Weeks says that she is ‘aroused by pain’ and was a cutter

‘Oh yeah, she is a major league cutter,’ one blogger said in an online post.

‘From the thighs down to the toes… apparently, her ex-boyfriend that cheated on her told her she was fat so she carved the word into her thigh,’ the user suggested.

Other viewers of her videos remarked about the scars, commenting that the cutting ‘should be more of a concern than having sex on camera.’

Knox told XOJane previously: ‘I’m a sl*t that needs to be punished.
Source: Daily Mail

Now that she’s off to law school and Lifetime is making a movie about her, what does her family think about her decision?

You might be surprised.

Knox, who has caused nationwide uproar and family heartache, was raised a devout Roman Catholic in a loving home in Spokane, Washington.

Miriam’s father Kevin and mother Harcharan, were reportedly ‘floored’ at first by their daughter’s decision to turn to porn to fund her $60,000-a-year education at the elite university.

The student told that her parents were not aware of her decision to enter the adult industry but ultimately became ‘absolutely supportive’ of her choice.

She describes her first film as ‘feminist’ despite a violent scene where she performs oral sex on her male co-star.

She said the scene was ‘feminist’ because of the ‘painful,’ nasty’, name-calling-filled romp session.

The self-proclaimed feminist majored in Women’s Studies and Sociology at Duke University.

When out of class, she spent her time filming and traveling from Los Angeles to Phoenix and New York for photo shoots.
Source: Daily Mail

A Woman’s Studies major?

Quelle surprise.

She says she feels ’empowered’.

Those scars on her legs cast doubt on that claim.

If she decides ‘the life’ and transactional sex is not for her, there are ‘redemption stories’ of others who have come back from it and reclaimed their humanity.

If you imagine it to be a life of glamour, that’s not how people who’ve left it behind have described it:

…we know that most of the porn stars have had an STD at one time or another, and they estimate between 66% to 99% have herpes. They don’t test for herpes, so all these people are involved with rampant STDs.

“A lot of people think that pornography fuels sex trafficking and it does,” Lubben said firmly. “But it does that because it is sex trafficking. It’s called [a] cutthroat business because it’s trafficking; all of us have been coerced into doing a scene we didn’t wanna do. We went to fraudulent doctors or fraudulent clinics they sent us to.
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