WATCH: Young Actresses Weigh In On ‘Dating A TRUMP Supporter’ – Adios, Ticket Sales!

Will leftists ever learn that making everything political is a career-limiting move? Evidently not.

These young actresses made a ‘bold’ move to follow the lead of pretty much everyone in Hollywood and take a swipe at President Trump while promoting their new movie.

Perhaps they don’t see the connection between political hectoring and low ticket sales.

It’s been plaguing fizzling star Jennifer Lawrence with her new movie.

It’s affected the sales of Madonna’s latest album release.

And even the NFL, beloved by millions of Americans, is taking a big hit.

But that won’t happen to these young actresses, will it?

Promoting their new film, My Days Of Mercy, actresses Kate Mara, Ellen Page, and Amy Seimetz sat down with the AV Club to discuss the flick and, of course, President Donald Trump. Both Page and Seimetz made it clear they could never date a Trump supporter.

What a shocker.

A brave statement we’re sure will help ticket sales and not alienate half of their potential audience, not to mention foster that unity and tolerance the left always speaks of.

“No. Nope,” Page answered bluntly when asked how she felt about dating a someone who voted for Trump in the 2016 election.
Source: Daily Wire


Oh no. Trump supporters past and present don’t have ‘a shot’ with some pampered Hollywood socialites. SHOCKER

How many actual real-world Trump supporters do you think these chicks actually meet in their day-to-day life?

Or better yet… how many Trump supporters have the foggiest clue who she is?

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