WATCH: This Wrestling Referee LOVES His Job A Little TOO Much

It doesn’t matter WHAT you do for a living, there’s something awesome about someone who brings excellence to his work.

The people in the stands thought the show they were here to see was going to be the wrestling match.

That was probably interesting, too.

But the ref just upstaged them both.

So crazy!

It will be HIS work in the ring that people are talking about for a very long time to come.

And why?

Well, when you’re a ref, the one thing you need is a good view of the action.

But in wrestling, the athletes are flopping around on the ring like a couple of fish.

This ref has a wonderfully unique way of keeping those sight lines open.

Here was the original link who made it go viral, with the twitter comment as well

What do you think?

Hilarious? Effective?

Just plain bizzare?

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