WATCH: Videographer Shows How CBS Manipulated Color To Make Steve Bannon Look Like A Monster

This videographer explains how The Media (D) uses the tools of the trade to manipulate viewers. Unreal.

Steve Bannon has been vilified by leftists since he was named to President Trump’s team.

No one really knew who he was until he joined the team and then was pilloried in the Media (D).

You can’t help but run into someone that thinks that Steve Bannon is a racist, neo-Nazi, fascist, white supremacist, xenophobe that eats kittens, puppies, and illegal immigrant children.

Bannon is generally pretty quiet, but recently went into the Lion’s Den and did a 60 Minutes interview with Charlie Rose.

It’s the video editing that is more shocking than Bannon’s words, though.

One astute videographer walks us through the process and how the Media (D) uses lighting and color to manipulate viewers.


The Media (D) wants to make sure that Bannon is vilified.

Otherwise, he’d expose them as the partisan hacks that they are.

Bannon doesn’t pull punches as shown in the interview.

Check out these quotes that the D.C. ‘Swamp monsters’ are freaking out about:

1. “The Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. That’s a brutal fact we have to face.”

2. “Mitch McConnell when we first met him … he basically says, ‘ don’t want to hear any more of this “drain the swamp” talk.’”

3. “In the 48 hours after we won, there’s a fundamental decision that was made. You might call it the original sin of the administration. We embraced the establishment. … Because you had to staff a government.”

4. “The plan was to do Obamacare because, remember, Paul Ryan and these guys come in and said, ‘We’ve done this for seven years. We’ve voted on this 50 times.’ … There is wide discrepancy in the Republican Party, as we know today, now that we’re in it. But I will tell you, leadership didn’t know it at the time. They didn’t know it till the very end.”

5. “I’m worried about losing the House now because of this– of– because of DACA … it will be a civil war inside the Republican party that will be every bit as vitriolic as 2013.”

6. “You couldn’t be more dead wrong [about immigration]. America was built on her citizens.”

7. “What built America’s called the American system, from Hamilton to Polk to Henry Clay to Lincoln to the Roosevelts. A system of protection of our manufacturing, financial system that lends to manufacturers, okay, and the control of our borders.”

8. “The bishops have been terrible about this. … They have an economic interest in unlimited immigration, unlimited illegal immigration.”

9. “I’m a street fighter. And by the way, I think that’s why Donald Trump and I get along so well. Donald Trump’s a fighter. Great counter puncher.”

10. “When he’s talking about the Neo-Nazis and Neo-Confederates and the Klan, who, by the way, are absolutely awful– there’s no room in American politics for that. There’s no room in American society for that.”
Read the rest of the 25 key quotes at Breitbart.

My favorite part of the interview was when Steve Bannon said that Hillary just isn’t that smart.

The Media (D) doesn’t want to let you see the chinks in the armor.

And one big chink is the rise of the ‘alternative media’, thanks largely to the late, great, Andrew Breitbart.

Watch Greg Gutfeld explain:

God bless the legacy of Andrew Breitbart!

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