Watch: Veteran Salutes Trump At PA Rally – Trump’s Response Brings The House Down

Would the LAST guy have even dreamed of doing something like that?

As leading politicians often do, Trump flew over to Pittsburgh for a rally supporting the candidate running there.

What set Trump apart, is his reaction when he saw one supporter on the stage beside him.

Trump was waving and smiling at the supporters lined up to sit on stage behind him as he addressed the crowd.

And then, suddenly someone caught his eye. And he stopped.

At the 8 second mark in the clip, you’ll see it.

Trump took time out to single out and thank the veteran who was saluting him from the stands.

This isn’t the first time he’s shown particular respect for the uniform — and those who wear it.

That’s quite a contrast from what we’d seen over the previous eight years, wouldn’t you say?

We clearly remember Obama doubling back after entering Marine One, don’t we? And how he had to double back to acknowledge the serviceman whose salute he didn’t return.

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