Watch: This ISIS Training Video Looks More Like A SNL Skit

Were they inspired by old Benny Hill reruns? It really is THAT bad.

The dresses and leggings these guys(?) are wearing have been printed with old-school cammo. They’ve also got what looks like a burlap sack over their heads.

They once held part of the world hostage, and made local cities tremble in fear.

Look at them now.

Now it’s not so much ‘scary’ as it is ‘sad’

The world ‘laughingstock’ comes to mind.

And why not, our President was right to demean them as ‘losers’, because that’s exactly what they are. Not courageous men taking a valiant stand.

They’re cowards. When faced with real danger, they shave their beards. Or had you forgotten THIS story?

Fugly: ISIS Terrorists Put On Women’s Clothing And Make-Up To Flee Mosul

Yep. If they put on makeup and a dress to run away, were you really expecting badass fighting skills?

ISIS. This radical terrorist organization is a virus… a worldwide plague. These a$$holes
are willing to kill their own women and children to annihilate who they call “infidels.”
Well, here’s a shirt that sums it perfectly. F**K ISIS.

Ladies, get yours here.

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