WATCH: They’ve Started Pouring The Foundation For Obama Library In KENYA!

ClashDaily has this EXCLUSIVE first photo, and it’s QUITE something…

Did you know that they were building a library in Kenya in President Obama’s honor?

Barry is a beloved figure all over the world.

This is likely because the rest of the world didn’t have to suffer directly under his Presidency.

Many countries have decided it’s a good idea to kiss Barry’s backside honor President Obama.

And it’s not just to honor him, but also to rub it in the face of that big, bad, meanie that is President right now.

For example, President Obama recently received the JFK ‘Courage’ Award for insisting that his wasn’t a failed Presidency and for publishing a photograph of himself sitting on a toilet, completely nude while eating cake.

(Maybe that last one was Lena Dunham, but all those Liberals look alike to me.)

But no country is honoring him so greatly as his birthplace second homeland of Kenya.

Watch as they lay the foundation for the President Barack Hussein Obama Library:

Look at that!

They must have been really inspired by his Presidency.

What an honor!

Now that is exactly what the past 8 years have been like.

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