Watch: It Only Takes CJ Peterson 2 Minutes To Make Jay-Z Look Like A Complete Clown

When it starts out with: “Jay-Z … you don’t CARE about black people,” you know it will be good!

Spoiler alert… there’s a #MAGA moment. CJ is further down. But first…

In case you don’t watch CNN (many don’t) and didn’t catch the commentary about Jay-Z making an ass of himself, we’ll bring you up to speed.

(Spoiler alert — they call Trump ‘mean’ and ‘racist’. Of course. It’s CNN. But we’re still a little unclear on why’ Trump is either of those things.)

At about the 7 min mark, Van Jones prefaces his question with the not-leading-or-inflammatory-at-all introduction: “As a parent, trying to raise black kids, with all the positivity we try to give them… we have a President that comes and says…”

So, with the invitation open, Jay-Z jumps on the bait with glee. He dismisses the unemployment numbers and proceeds to calling our duly-elected president ‘the superbug’ on some kind of a trashcan of racism.

Riddle me this, Jay-Z, what does ‘Leader of the Free World‘ mean to you’ Doesn’t that imply that there are places that aren’t free? Could those places be described as ‘sh*tholes’?

Now you have the background for exactly what this fifteen-year-old young man is putting back in its place. Cue the #MAGA …

You do not care about black people. Those jobs may not mean a lot to you…

He blasts him as out-of-touch and lacking empathy for the struggle of the ordinary working class.

Let every self-righteous Hollywood mouthpiece hear him when he says:

You don’t speak for me. You don’t speak for all Black People.

This kid really understands E Pluribus Unum. And he loves it.


But somehow the gazillionaire rapper does not.

Strangely, with these clips… the kid looks like a man, and the ‘men’ look like children.

Cause he hasn’t been ‘pussified’.

The other two are in desperate need of a ‘cleanse’.

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