WATCH SNOWFLAKES MELT: Liberals Scream At Sky On Anniversary Of Trump’s Election

Democracy??? LOL! Sorry kids, that’s what IMPOTENT RAGE looks like.

This is probably far more honest than they had ever intended this to be. They may regret starting the video so early.

We have footage here of a ‘protest’ of the anniversary of the day Trump was elected.

The majority of it is ridiculously aimless and formless.

They gathered in Washington Square park, and are obviously half-hearted and marking time. One will lead one of the already-cliche Anti-Trump chants, and others would more or less echo it back.

Even THEY didn’t seem convinced.

But like good little Lemmings, the played along. When one chanted, the others responded. No matter how dumb and irrelevant the leader was. But don’t take OUR word for it:

At one point — just before the (obviously staged) ‘big moment’ they even went onto some weird tangent about Simon Cowell.

Not really sure what that was about. Maybe someone there actually figures he’s part of the Trump administration they are gathered to overthrow?

And right around the 30 minute mark something happens.

The camera shows a ring of film crews gathered around this alleged protest (there might actually be more cameras than protesters present) which means the ‘reporters’ should be ashamed for being part of this sham.

And then, someone gives the cue.

And the leader of the crowd counts them down, until they all start to do the most useless, ridiculous and emasculating thing they can imagine…

They announce ‘We are two minutes from scream official time’.

Yes, you read that correctly.

They give a little speech. (We’ve got it cued up to that 2 minute warning mark for you.)

Then they scream helplessly into the air.

To the heavens.

Blah, blah, resolve.

And they wonder why we mock them with how much we enjoy drinking their liberal tears.

Because… worthless emoting is LITERALLY what they are reducing themselves to.

Don’t blame US if you’re a sissy bunch of eunuchs. That’s on you.

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