Watch: Security Guard Shoots Robbers – His Epic One-Liners Are Straight Out Of A Dirty Harry Movie

Dumb crooks tried to rob a store with a fake gun and wound up getting shot with a real one.

He wasn’t playing around either. He saw what was going on, came right in — weapon at the ready — neutralized the threat, and got 911 involved before you could say ‘boo’.

He saved the day and looked good while doing it.

(Rough language)

He came in, put a round into each of the two robbers (one was bleeding out of his arm).

They assured him their gun was fake.

“Oh, well mine’s real.”

They asked if they were shot…

“Oh F**k yeah.”

He calls one of the guys ‘Homie’ and gives the understatement of the day:

“You f**ked with the wrong one.”

Here’s a shirt for real men (and women, too):

Why be average? It’s so overrated.

Everyone does that.

You need to Do Epic Sh-t.

If you don’t think so, add some more meat to your diet and read this while you wait for your steak to grill:

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Don’t be fooled by the title — this ain’t just for Grandpa.
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