WATCH: Punks Try To Rob Store Of Gun Toting Owner – Yes, This A GREAT Video

Look who’s not so tough when the guy they’re trying to rob can shoot back!

Working at a convenience store can be a high-risk enterprise.

Owning it, even more so.

The reason? You never know who’s going to come by and wave a gun in your face.

That’s exactly what happened at Lee Rays General Store in Wardville, Louisiana.

Fortunately, in this story, the good guy wasn’t a victim.

And WHY wasn’t he a victim?

Is it because he pressed a silent alarm and the police eventually showed up to ask questions about the guys who had just robbed him?


It’s because he knew something the would-be-thieves didn’t know.

Frank Issa — the owner — was no mere victim. He the capacity to defend himself.

And that’s exactly what he did!

When he pulled out his weapon and fired at them, the would-be attackers scattered like roaches in the sunlight.

It was a beautiful thing.

Issa said he believes he hit one of the men in the stomach and the other in the arm.
Sheriff William Earl Hilton told the news station that one of the suspects is in the hospital, and that the other has been treated and released to his parents, suggesting that he is underage.
Police are still searching for the third suspect, who could not be seen on camera in the store and who was not shot.
Source: DailyMail

Look out, punk. This store owner is badass.

Like this guy:

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Including what he said in Luke 22:36.

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