Watch: Oprah & Colbert Mock God On Steve’s Unfunny Late Night Show

Hey Colbert? If you’re ready to do this to advance your political agenda, you can stop your moralizing to Trump supporters.

Everything Colbert claimed so boldly about Trump’s mouth being a [expletive] holster for Putin was wrong.

But Colbert’s OWN mouth is serving that exact purpose for Chuck Schumer and the rest of the DNC.

He’s even sunk to having a cameo by ‘God’ showing up to endorse Oprah.

Predictably, it was a neutered, diminished version of God that mirrors Colbert’s shriveled soul. If he still considers himself Catholic, his priest is going to want a long chat with him.

Or possibly to never be seen with him in public.


His neutered small-g god was “fangirling” over Oprah, and complaining that his wife would get upset about him running up the credit card for Oprah 2020 merch.

Colbert isn’t even pretending to keep it classy anymore.


He’s a comic. It’s a joke. Yeah, yeah.

We know.

It’s comedy, not politics.

You were happy to invoke Jesus name in your little religious parody.

Let’s see you man up and do it with Mohammed.


Yeah, we didn’t think so. Colbert is as neutered as his pathetic Hollywood version of God.

At least Streep was honest enough to name who Hollywood REALLY reveres as ‘god’.

Which would probably explain why Colbert so comfortably wraps his lips around those Democratic… uh… talking points.

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