Watch: Michelle’s Back And Praising Herself As ‘America’s Forever 1st Lady’

Michelle addressed a crowd of over 8,000 high school seniors on College Signing Day. It was mostly about her and her. What a shock.

It seems to always be self-centered when it comes to Michelle Obama.

She was never proud of this country until her husband ran for President.

Now that President Trump is cleaning up Barry’s spectacular failure as President (also known as ‘Winning’,) — she’s feeling ‘hopeless’.

The former First Lady spoke to the group of teens at Temple University in Philadelphia, and she called herself the ‘Forever First Lady’.

She began her speech to the near-adults in a completely patronizing tone, (a Michelle specialty):

Do you know all of the folks you have seen on stage? They came here for you. And you saw them up here. We’ve got athletes and celebrities and musicians and folks who have a lot going on. But when they heard you were gonna be here today, they dropped everything just to celebrate you.

She then went on to do a motivational speech that was supposed to be encouraging. ‘You can do it!‘ says Michelle, ‘we’re counting on you.

And then Michelle spoke about the ‘haters’ that tried to keep her down — the college counselor that told her to not set her expectations too high.

I was a kid,  who grew up on the south side of Chicago. I went to public schools my entire life. And when I decided I wanted to go to college, and I applied, do you know what one of my college counselors told me? She told me, ‘Don’t set my sights too high.’ Yeah…She told me that some of the schools that I was trying applying to were maybe too hard for me, they were too out of my reach. And I know some of you may have heard that too.  They’re always “haters” out there, telling you what you can’t do.

She then said that she was ‘intimidated’ by all the people at Princeton that were so ‘privileged’.

Oh, you mean that they got in partly because of unfair college acceptance practices?

No, wait… that was probably Michelle.

And she ‘schtruggled’ sometimes, but you’ve got to push through when you ‘schtruggle’, amirite?


Well, it looks like Michelle still doesn’t get it.

We’ve read her bizarre, race-based thesis (again, all about Michelle,) and well, we kinda agree with that ‘hater’ college counselor.

The very uncomfortable fact is, if Michelle had been born Asian, she probably wouldn’t have gotten into Princeton.

So much for not listening to the ‘haters’ and pushing through when you ‘schtruggle’.

It kinda rings hollow.

Besides, maybe a 4-year degree isn’t for everyone.

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