WATCH: This Massive Anti-Jewish, Anti-West, MUSLIM Rally Is BAD News For This European Country

What they’re chanting in this clip will really jack up anyone still trying to reconcile the ‘Religion of Peace’ with their ‘Day of Rage’.

Here’s the by-product of claiming all cultures are equal. You’re stuck without an explanation for a scene like this one.

So when someone in what used to be called ‘The West’ (or, if you really want to tweak the PC crowd… ‘Civilization) had an issue, they would arrange some sort of a protest. A strike.

Even if it got rowdy, there might be property damage, but the goal was not to rack up a body count. You take a stand, air your grievances in public, you flex whatever influence your group might have to pressure the result you’re looking for, you come to a resolution, and you carry on with life.

Looks like the marchers sympathetic to the ‘Palestinians’ never got that memo.

And before you cue up the standard accusations of ‘Islamophobia’, take a minute to see what it is these folks are chanting.

It’s enough to make you question just how committed to ‘Peace’ the religion founded by that “Prophet Of The Sword” really is. (You know, the guy whose picture you can’t draw without starting a riot, the one that married a six-year-old, (but that’ ok, he didn’t consummate it until she was nine).

“Millions of martyrs are marching to Jerusalem.” That’s what they’re chanting in a protest in Sweden.

“From here in Malmo [Sweden] we have made a decision… to launch a determined Intifada.”

It goes on, after claiming freedom would return…

“Aim and shoot at the Jews, at the settlers and at the soldiers. Our people are determined to finish it. So throw stones and shoot bullets. (repeated) Burn O fire burn until we sweep out the settlements.”

And guess which famous arabic phrase the mob all shouted in unison after that chant?

Hint: Rhymes with ‘snackbar’. Remember how they were poor refugees fleeing a war-ravaged land, and wanted safe harbor? Not really. They brought the war with them in their hearts and minds.

They weren’t done yet. They called upon Muslims and Arabs to ‘expel the accursed ones’. They called on leaders in Amman (Jordan) that they want to see armies, not sheep.

Down with the Saud Clan that normalizes relations with the Jews.

They then threatened the Jews that the ‘army of Mohammed is coming back’.

Even little kids are being brought to these hate-fests.

These are the people the BDM movement is siding with, and against Israel.

All in the name of ‘tolerance’.

There’s a reason it resonated with the public when Trump read that poem about the snake. And in these clips, you’re looking at it.

There is enough conflict in America as it is. We don’t have to add other people’s grudges and hatreds to the mix.

Displays like this one, and the hatred that drives it, we can all do without. They can all go back to suckistan, and bring their hatred with them.

ISIS. This radical terrorist organization is a virus… a worldwide plague. These a$$holes are willing to kill their own women and children to annihilate who they call “infidels.”
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