Watch: Is Madonna High, Losing Her Mind, Or Both?

This may be one of the most pathetic videos that you’ve ever watched.

It’s an absolute trainwreck.

Madonna has been known for her outrageous behavior over the years.

Like many celebrities, she’s been getting ‘political’ these days.

She was a big Hillary fan and the promise she made to Hillary voters was probably one of the factors that Hillary will cite in her new book about why she lost. (Don’t forget: ‘Russian Hacking’, James Comey and the FBI, ‘Fake News’, Baskets of Depolorables, misogyny, and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.)

Of course, we all remember Madonna’s impassioned-yet-scripted speech at the Nasty Women’s March where she (referring to her notes) says that she has ‘thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House’ after President Trump’s Inauguration. I guess she just had to write it down so she wouldn’t forget to mention that it was something she ‘thought an awful’ lot about.

Madonna was celebrating her 59th birthday on Wednesday and decided to post a video to Instagram.

She was singing along to her 2012 ‘B-Day Song‘ — a song that is almost as vapid and empty as the star herself.

Well, she tried to sing along to the song that is painfully repetitive, but she couldn’t remember what the lyrics were.

She captioned the post, ‘When you can’t remember the words to your own song.. Still a Happy Girl!

Do you have a different thought on Madonna forgetting the lyrics to her own song?

Is Madonna High, Losing Her Mind, Or Both?

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And by the way, it’s a good thing that Madonna’s a woman because this 17-year old Australian girl would be using the #MeToo and calling out the much older singer for exposing her bare breast onstage:

That’s Madonna, folks.

She’s always keepin’ it classy, even when sexually assaults a teen onstage in Brisbane, Australia.

But hey, it’s ok, because she’s a feminist.

Women are great. Just like our very own President Trump says, we like all women except Rosie O’Donnell and her feminist pals.

How do you confuse a feminist? (Tell her she can’t make you a sandwich!)

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