Watch: Little ‘Dreamers’ Drop The F-Bomb On Trump Supporters – Aren’t They Just Darling?

This is the ‘rational discourse’ we can expect in the upcoming Immigration question.

With states and cities digging in their heels over the ‘sanctuary’ issue, and the Dems ready to fight tooth and nail against the wall being built, get ready for emotional, tear-jerking stories about the sweet, lovable Dreamers who are upright and upstanding members of society who are — let’s face it — better than the rest of us.

Some of us haven’t forgotten this lovely little anti-Trump campaign ad:


They don’t like the term anchor-babies.

That’s cool. We’ll use it anyway. Once we nix ‘chain migration’ we won’t have to worry about ‘anchor babies’ anymore, will we?

They don’t like it when Trump says many illegal immigrants are murderers, rapists or ‘bad hombres’. If he’s wrong, what do they have to say about this story, then?

Dear America: Guess The Percentage Of Foreign Peeps In Federal Prison

If he’s wrong, please explain the 2017 Murder rate in Mexico.


Murder statistics reveal 2017 to be the deadliest year in Mexico’s history

But Trump’s ‘loco’ for thinking we should be concerned about border security, is he?

What about Hezbollah’s connection in Mexico and South America? You know, that Billion-dollar a year terrorist group that’s branched out into organized crime to fund terror. The ‘little’ fish Obama thought was small enough to throw back while he was chasing his White Whale — the Iran ‘deal’.

No. We’re not supposed to raise any of those issues, are we.

We’re supposed to think about feelings, not the rule of law.

Isn’t that what got us into this mess in the first place?

Does your grandpa go off on paltry politicians, whether they be Democrats or Republicans? Does he get misty eyed when he talks about God and Country and America’s future? And have you ever heard him scream, ‘Awww … Hell no!’ when Rosie O’Donnell starts yapping on television? If you answered yes to one, or all of the above, then your gramps will love Doug Giles’ latest book, My Grandpa Is A Patriotic Badass.

Don’t be fooled by the title — this ain’t just for Grandpa.
The Snowflake Generation — and the rest of America — needs a good ol’ dose of ‘Grandpa wisdom’.
Especially if that Grandpa is Doug Giles.
You’ll love My Grandpa Is A Patriotic Badass just as much as Grandpa will.

Ladies, tell everyone that you don’t like the emasculated, metro-sexual ‘feminists’ — you’d rather have a President with balls:

And gents, let everyone know that you want your President to be just as much of a man as you are:

Donald J. Trump is our 45th President. Why? Because Americans from all races and classes are sick of whining Republicans and corrupt Democrats. Finally, we have a President who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks even if it is not popular with the press. Trump is not a typical politician. Trump can’t be bought. He will back up what he says with action, no matter the cost. Finally. A president with balls!
Get yours today and trigger the leftists and the RINO NeverTrumpers.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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