Watch: Liberal Reporter Flips Out Over Team Trump Calling Fake News … Fake News!

We think we’ve figured out why this guy took it so personally…

You know how people read Playboy ‘for the articles’?

This guy is so upset about ‘fake news’ allegations. It must be becuase HE writes those super-important articles.

Which would mean he is the only reason people even buy that magazine.

It’s not like people could see topless chicks a click away on the internet, for free, right? Sh HE must be the one keeping the whole ship afloat.

Watch him ‘give them hell’.

Or something.

It’s funny that they’re so incensed about this. Because the Press briefings themselves came up in conversation with Tucker Carlson’s guest — someone who worked the White House Correspondent beat for a long time — Brit Hume.

It included a setup for the interview beginning with Acosta’s complaint about Spicer leaving the cameras out.

Hume had some scathing words for folks who got bent out of shape for the Press Briefings, including this gem:

“No reporter for a news organization as sizeable and important as CNN should be relying on the briefings to get news.”

He told us about how pointless the briefings are, especially for big players who can expect their phone call WILL be returned. He laughed about having a crossword puzzle open during briefings in days gone by. He eventually sat in a booth and did other work during the stories.

Past Presidents, he added, didn’t even have film the whole briefing.

Who’s take on White House briefings do YOU trust?

CNN and Playboy?

Or Brit Hume?

Share if that question should answer itself.

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