WATCH: Japan’s Leader Flops Over Backward Into Bunker Golfing With Trump

It’s nice to have a little laughter on a high-powered international business trip. And if it were at Trump’s expense, we’d never hear the end of it.

Trump was golfing with Japan’s Shinzo Abe, when there was a little bit of unexpected drama.

Stepping out of the bunker, the Prime Minister took a tumble, and rolled head-over-heels back into the bunker.

He handled it well, considering. He jumped back on his feet, and the second trip out was much better.

(Original video link no longer active. Replacing with another one.)

If it were Trump who had stumbled, CNN would be looping that video all day long. And MSNBC would be gathering panels of pro golfers — or footage of 90-year-old golfers climbing out of a bunker — and mocking him.

But it was Japan’s PM that stumbled. So, no biggie.

How do we know?

Because we saw them go ape over that Koi pond ‘incident’.

CNN reported this ‘scandal’ about Trump.  They were both spooning food into the pond, and then the camera was showing him dump the remaining food into the pond.

Oh my Gosh! What a baby! The Left-o-sphere ate it up.

Notice the abruptly weird zoom.

Well, compare it to the raw footage.

And the fall? At least Prime Minister Abe was a good sport about it.

Hmm. President Trump golfing with Abe.

There’s a portrait idea an artist could have some real fun with.

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