Watch: Illegals Erect Huge Camp In Major Sanctuary City – Disgusting!

In a country where kids can have lemonade stands shut down for not complying with local laws, the steps in front of the courthouse downtown became a tent-city refugee camp for illegals.

Do you WANT a cholera outbreak? Because this is how you get a cholera outbreak.

You might remember back in December when cities like Santa Ana stood up and gave a deliberate ‘middle finger’ to President Trump. They declared their Sanctuary City status.

Santa Ana — the seat of Orange County and home to one of the nation’s largest Latino populations — decided this week to strike a defiant tone.

City Council members voted to declare Orange County’s second-most populous city a sanctuary city — a largely symbolic gesture to protect immigrants who are in the country illegally. — LA Times

Ideas have consequences. Have a look at the tent city that sprung up downtown:

It reeks of urine. Any guesses why?

If this was the headline a year ago, what do you think it looks like now?
Homeless making Civic Center unsafe

In the name of ‘compassion’ lamakers are defying the law.

In the name of ‘compassion’ they are condemning illegal aliens to live in squalor in a concrete jungle and unsafe conditions.

It is unsafe for reasons of crime and violence, and it is unsafe for reasons of sanitation.

But California politicians – in the name of ‘compassion’ would rather condemn these foreigners to live in conditions they would not allow their own loved ones to endure.

If they feel so strongly, the politicians who took this stand should be obligated to billet one person (or family) at their own home and their own expense.

It’s no different from what they are demanding the taxpayer do, right?

Otherwise, these guys are overdue a visit from ICE.

If Big Government would cheerfully shut down a lemonade stand for not having a proper licence, then why not enforce the zoning laws being violated here, too?

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