WATCH: If You FEAR Elevators This Video Won’t Help You

This. Is. Disturbing.

This man got stuck when he entered an elevator and the doors closed and it started to rise before he was fully inside.

The man, reported to be a doctor at Ilan University in Taiwan, stepped into the lift as normal but, before he was fully inside, it began to move upwards – locking half his body outside.

In harrowing footage, the helpless victim is seen stuck to the bottom of the lift doors as it continues to rise.

With his hands glued to the floor as his legs are trapped outside the moving elevator, the man astonishingly shows the presence of mind to pick up his phone and begin dialing.
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Unfortunately, The Star Online reported that the 45-year old man died after firefighters struggled for over an hour to rescue him.

What a terrible way to go.

I think I’m just going to take the stairs from now on.

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