WATCH: HS Football Team Shows NFL Babies How To Show RESPECT

Do you want to ‘Send a Message’ that observers cannot possibly misunderstand?
THIS is how you do it!

Do you want a ‘message of solidarity’? Do you want a ‘message of respect?

Follow the lead of this HIGH school.

When we compare these high school ‘kids’ to the foolishness we’ve seen from our so-called ‘esteemed’ professional athletes, which side is showing real class?

Exhibit A:

Compare that hot mess to THIS amazing story:

Before their game in Mascoutah, Illinois, the Mascoutah High School football team and members of the coaching staff walked out their locker room and unto the field with law enforcement on Sunday.


The players and coaches on the Mascoutah High School football team walked onto the field tonight holding hands with police officers. Details:

Posted by KMOV on Friday, September 29, 2017

They started their homecoming game coming out — hand in hand — with local law enforcement.

Young men of different racial backgrounds showing solidarity — some of them carrying an American Flag! — walking out with the same first responders that help keep their neighborhood safe.

All the pundits talk about ‘building bridges’ and ‘having conversations’ while some of the ‘protesters’ have open contempt for ‘the other side’.

Yes — we’re looking at YOU Mr. ‘Pig-Socks’ Kaepernick, and the bankrolling of a charity named after a cop-killing fugitive on the FBI’s most wanted list!

Maybe INSULTING cops is not the greatest way to improve relations with them.

Maybe pushing a largely discredited police brutality narrative isn’t so great either.

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Share if these kids did more for community understanding than all the pro-athletes put together.

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