Watch: Here’s Why You Should Never Text And Drive – This Is Horrible!

Even Anthony Weiner knows you don’t do THAT on a phone.

Watch the News report:

The terrifying thing is that this was preventable.

The young man was texting and driving — he said that to another driver that was following him and filming his reckless driving after the accident that killed 13 church-goers.

The driver following, Jody Kuchler, had called 911 multiple times.

He said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was texting.’ I said, ‘Son, do you know what you just did?’ He said, ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

…Terrifying new footage shows a truck swerving across a Texas road moments before it plowed into a church bus, killing 13 people.

Witness Jody Kuchler, 55, said he recorded the video while calling authorities in an attempt to get the driver off the road.

The clip, published by My San Antonio, shows the White Dodge pickup truck recklessly swerving across the lanes, almost causing several crashes before the deadly incident Wednesday.

Kuchler kept recording for 20 minutes, remaining at a safe distance behind the vehicle, which authorities said was driven by 20-year-old Jack Dillon Young in Uvalde County.


Here are the 911 calls by Jody Kuchler:

The accident resulted in the death of the bus driver, 67-year-old Murray Barrett, and 11 of his passengers who were killed at the scene. Another died after being taken to the hospital.

Another passenger of the minibus returning from a three-day choir retreat was in serious but stable condition at a hospital. Young was also hospitalized for his injuries and remained in the hospital as of Friday.

Dude was being a douche. This wasn’t just glancing down when a text came in.

This was willful. Negligent.

He was having an ongoing text conversation while he was behind the wheel.

Preventable. Selfish.

No amount of ‘I’m sorries’ will give those thirteen people their lives back.

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