WATCH: Harvey Weinstein Marched With Feminists Back In January – And They LOVED It

Suddenly Linda Sarsour wasn’t the worst of the Fake Feminists in the marches.

Maybe those pink knit hats were on a little too tight. It seems to have been an open secret that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator. But there he was, right there in the midst of the march.

His boorish, pawing, predatory, dishonorable, disrespectful, unprofessional, abusive behavior towards women didn’t stop him from joining the women’s’ march in Utah.

To stand up for …


women’s rights…

not to be mistreated…

by …

predatory a-holes…

…like himself?

Maybe instead of ‘raising awareness’, he could have, you know, stopped being a scumbag.

But he’s a big-time supporter of the Democrats. So just like so many other Democrat moneyed and powerful upper-crusties, that magical D after your name makes all your sins disappear.

Whether it’s Harvey Weinstein’s predatory practices…

…the string of criminal complaints levied against Bill Clinton…

…the woman Ted Kennedy left for dead after driving his car off a bridge…

…or the way JFK pimped out his interns to White House visitors.

Heroes of the Feminist Cause, all. Much beloved by the Left.

Here’s a photo of Weinstein with another fake Feminist who gladly sucked up mountains of cash in support from him.

Who’s in the photo?

Huma Abedin — Sharia Law advocate and Hillary Clinton’s closest aid.

Harvey Weinstein — disgraced media mogul and Democrat hack.

And Hillary Clinton — who personally ran a smear campaign on the women who complained about Bill Clinton’s predatory sexual practices.

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