WATCH: Gov McCauliffe(D) Calls For MORE Gun Control – Doesn’t Mention Shooter STALKED Republicans

Are you SERIOUS? This shows just how much of a partisan jerk Gov. Terry McCauliffe (D-VA) is.

But did you expect anything less from someone so cozy with the Clintons?

I didn’t.

To say that this horrific event — that would have been a massacre if security wasn’t there — is a reason to have more gun control is asinine.

Frankly, if more folks were packing, the horrific encounter wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes.

And then, McCauliffe slips up:

He said ’93 million people a day’ were killed by guns.


He misspoke, but dang.

He doesn’t mention that the shooter was a leftist Bernie supporter that seems to have been specifically targeting Republicans.

But Democrats believe that more gun control will stop the shootings.

We’ve seen what happens in Britain that has banned guns — there are stabbings.

But, here are a couple of secrets that everyone but the Leftists understand:

1. Most of the shootings in the US that cause those 93 killed a day are in urban centers using illegal firearms. Like Chicago, home of the highest gun-crime rate in the US, and also strict gun control laws.

2. Criminals don’t obey the law, so if you pass more legislation, they still won’t obey it.

Here is one amazing response to all the things that Leftists want to restrict, like Free Speech, Privacy Rights, and, yes, Second Amendment rights:

Looking for someone willing to cut the BS and talk about the real issues? This is for you.

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