Watch: GOP Video ‘We Proudly Stand’ Shows How Un-American The Left Truly Is – This Is A Must See!

And nobody dares claim ‘BS’ because we watched when it happened in real time.

Remember the State Of The Union address? Remember how it positively HUMMED with patriotism and optimism?

Example after example of things America has traditionally rallied around, forgetting our differences?

Wasn’t it refreshing after so many years of politics exploiting our divisions?

You bet it was. We loved it, and the polls reflected it.

President Trump cut through the noise and negativity. America saw him without the media filters, for once. And they liked what they saw.

He was a far cry better than yet another Kennedy retread (was it drool or Chap-stick?) giving an awkward MeToo reference that only reminded us that the ‘Great’ Ted Kennedy left a woman to die in the car he had crashed, while he went home to get his story straight.


But fortunately (or unfortunately) for whichever Kennedy that was, he was NOT the most memorable screw-up in the evening.

That honor goes to the Democrats who sat through the speeches.

Chuck Schumer’s demonic glare was much more remembered. And Pelosi looked like she had mixed up her Polident and Prep H. To cap it off, Guiterrez fled from the chants of U-S-A like a Vampire from a Crucifix.

We noticed THAT, too.

So did the Republicans. It made for a fantastic commercial that really needed no hype… it was powerful all by itself.

See for yourself, what do you think?

Do you love it as much as we did?

If so, think of someone who needs to fall in love with what America REALLY  is, all over again.

And pass it on.

As for the closing question, about what they stand for?

Maybe you could ask your liberal friends and relations to answer that question.

If they come up empty, you can ask them if that might be a clue that they’re on the wrong team.

Ladies, tell everyone that you don’t like the emasculated, metro-sexual ‘feminists’ — you’d rather have a President with balls:

And gents, let everyone know that you want your President to be just as much of a man as you are:

Donald J. Trump is our 45th President. Why? Because Americans from all races and classes are sick of whining Republicans and corrupt Democrats. Finally, we have a President who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks even if it is not popular with the press. Trump is not a typical politician. Trump can’t be bought. He will back up what he says with action, no matter the cost. Finally. A president with balls!
Get yours today and trigger the leftists and the RINO NeverTrumpers.

The Effeminization Of The American Male
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