Watch: This Gnarly Chick Has Got To Be The Most Obnoxious Airline Passenger Ever!

Maybe if this woman had her emotional support animal she wouldn’t have been so grumpy.

An angry woman on a Delta flight from JFK to Syracuse, New York was booted off the plane for being an obnoxious jerk to a young mother and her toddler as well as a flight attendant that was attempting to sort out the situation.

Here is Marissa Rundell with her son, 18-month old Mason:

An unnamed woman was seated next to the pair and immediately began causing trouble.

Marissa Rundell, the 19-year old mom tells the story:

‘She was the last one to get on the plane and I was in the second to last row of the plane,’ Rundell shared with the about the February 6 flight.

‘She came to the back and slammed her bags down. She said “this is f****** ridiculous. It’s bulls**t having to sit in the back of the plane.”‘

The Rochester, New York, resident claims that she asked the woman – who has not been identified – if she could not speak with profanity around Mason but the woman ‘complete ignored’ her and didn’t even look her way, continuing to complain.

Wow. What nice lady.

Rundell added: ‘I said again please watch your language she told me to shut the f*** up and shove it. That’s when the flight attendant came over and asked what the problem was.’

Video shows the moment a flight attendant – named Tabitha – came and attempted to mediate the situation.


‘She brought up having to sit next to a crying baby (he wasn’t crying or fussing at all),’ explains Rundell who has flown with Mason, once before.

But when the woman got out of her seat and demanded a new one, the flight attendant asked her to sit down, angering her even more.
Source: Daily Mail

The woman asked for the employee’s name, which was readily given to her.

The unnamed woman then threatened the Delta Airlines employee named Tabitha that she ‘might not have a job tomorrow.’

That did it.

Tabitha had had enough of her behavior.

Chickie was ditched from the flight.

Look, we all know that airline travel is no picnic these days, but that doesn’t give you license to be obnoxious.

Just because you weren’t hugged enough as a child, was given a hard time at TSA or whatever it doesn’t mean that you can treat people like this.

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