Watch: Denver Mayor’s Son Curses Out Cops – This Is Pretty Disgusting

You’d think that the son of the Mayor would treat a police officer with a wee bit more respect.

It looks like Denver Mayor Michael Hancock didn’t have ‘The Talk’ with his 22-year old son, Jordan.

What a shame.

And after Proctor & Gamble created that advertisement to make sure that we all knew that black parents in America have been counseling their children about systemic racism for decades.

Unless… they were mistaken in their ad, and all cops aren’t racist.

It even seems as though, despite being the ones that are in the community to ‘serve and protect’, police officers are facing incrasingly hostile and belligerent behavior.

Nah, that can’t be right.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s son Jordan, was pulled over on March 23 for driving 65mph in a 40 zone.

Instead of cooperating with the officer issuing the ticket, in the Aurora police district- not Denver’s- the 22-year-old is cursing at him saying: ‘My dad’s the mayor, you f****ing f****t.’

The incident is caught on what appears to be the officer’s body camera video, posted by Denver 7.

The young man then threatens the officer: ‘Guess what? I’m about to get you fired you f***ing b****h.’

The video also catches the officer’s response to the nasty behavior.

The officer, responding to Jordan’s tirade about how his father, the mayor of Denver is going to be able to fire the cop, says to the young man: ‘Of Denver? Well you’re in Aurora.’

In the 20-second clip, the officer also sarcastically snips, ‘Your father is going to be proud.’

On Jordan’s ticket, the officer wrote: ‘Attitude very poor-see video.’
Source: Daily Mail


Video shows Denver mayor's son insulting officer

WARNING: This video has explicit language.After getting pulled over for going at least 25 mph over the speed limit, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s son, Jordan, gets in a heated exchange with an Aurora police officer who ended up citing him.MORE:

Posted by Denver7 on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

At his court appearance, Jordan agreed to pay a $250. He declined to answer questions about the incident.

Mayor Hancock addressed the issue in a tweet:

The Aurora Police Department is not making any comment on the incident, but it is being reported that they are launching an internal investigation to determine how the video was leaked to the media.

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