Watch: Dad Gets Revenge On His Son’s Rapist and It’s Caught On Tape

What would you do if it had been your son?

In 1984, Gary Plauche, a father whose 11-year old son had been kidnapped, taken to Disneyland and repeatedly raped by his karate instructor, Jeff Doucet, wanted to make sure that there was justice for his son’s abuse.

When Doucet arrived at the airport in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, accompanied by a Sheriff, Plauche was waiting for him.

And boy, was he in for a surprise.

He’s got a .38 snub-nosed revolver in his right boot. He’s facing the wall, talking on one of the phones to his best friend, Jimmy.

“Here he comes,” Gary whispered. “You’re about to hear a shot.”

Then Gary Plauche reached down for the gun, spun around and fired a hollow-point bullet into Doucet’s brain from three feet away. Then he lowered the gun, turned around and hung up the phone. A TV camera caught it all. Doucet would be dead within 24 hours.



Gary Plauche got seven years on a suspended sentence, five years probation, and 300 hours of community service, which he did at his local church, mostly cutting the grass. The judge said he was no threat to the community.

Jody Plauche, Gary’s son, initially said that his father’s action was ‘too harsh’ but his mother, June disagrees.

“It’s not right to take someone’s life,” he says, “but when someone’s that bad a person, it doesn’t bother you much in the long run.”

Says June, “Are you kidding? Do you know how many kids weren’t molested because he’s no longer on this earth?”
Source: ESPN

The question heard in the video is, ‘Gary, why?

His response, ‘If it had been your child, you would have done the same thing, too.’

What do you think?

Would you be able to wait and let the courts handle it?

Or would you react like this father at the trial of Larry Nassar, the doctor that abused his three gymnast daughters?

Would you ask the judge for 5 minutes in a locked room with the b*stard that molested your kid?

Let us know in the comments.

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