Watch: Cops On Horseback Charge Down Drunken Sex Crazed Teens During Spring Break

Spring Break is now a ritual where drunken debauchery is almost a competitive sport. This has consequences.

You may remember the scene last year when ‘partiers’ left Miami’s beautiful South Beach looking like a landfill.

You can be sure they went home to lecture us on Women’s Marches and Environmentalism.

But getting fall-down drunk and having public sex with strangers is tough to square with the ‘MeToo’ movement and complaints about ‘rape culture’.

There was boozing, brawling, ‘blazing’ (e.g. drugs) and any variety of boisterous lewd acts. Pretty much what you might expect of Spring Break. And the cops did their best to stay on top of it.

You know it’s gonna get stupid when the city prepares for the event by setting up ‘cattle fencing’ beforehand so that morons don’t hurt themselves in traffic.

Cattle fencing lines both sides of State Road A1A to keep students from darting — or stumbling — into traffic. Electronic message signs and posters warn visitors that alcohol isn’t allowed on the beach. A police tent stands at the beach end of Las Olas Boulevard, a shady headquarters for the eventual armed presence.
…City law prohibits alcoholic beverages — and bottles and glass containers of any kind — on the beach. Drinking alcohol outdoors is allowed on the west side of State Road A1A, where the bars and restaurants are.
Source: Sun-Sentinel

Cops were there in force. One drunk touched the horse on a dare. The cop wasn’t impressed, “you want to got to jail?”

It was billed as the ‘time of their lives’.

We wonder how many will even remember it the next morning.

Well, their credit card statements might help them fill in at least a few of the gaps.

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