WATCH: Cops Cuff 3rd Grader And The Internet Is EXPLODES – Does This P*ss You Off?

This clip might be one place where Left and Right can actually agree on something.

The Left has lately developed a general narrative of distrust against law enforcement generally.

The Right generally backs the police, but have a general narrative of distrust against over-reaching examples of government authority.

This video is where the Venn diagram of those two circles overlap.

Just because ‘most’ cops are decent, does not mean either that (A) All cops are decent… or that (B) they always know the right thing to do in every situation.

On the other side, just because there are SOME places where government DOES need to be granted powers of authority, does not mean that citizens should be casual about which rights they are told they must forfeit.

This cop crossed a line with a crying little kid. And judging by the way he continued to reason with the crying little boy, he didn’t even KNOW he crossed that line.

All you have to do is stop kicking.

This Clash editor isn’t a cop but has been trained to work with disabled people in these situations.

Are you angry that the cop did this?

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