Watch: Cop Throws Good Samaritan And Homeless Bro Out Of McDonald’s – Was That Too Much?

File this under ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.

The manager of MacDonalds in Myrtle Beach has a PR nightmare on his hands.

His restaurant evidently won’t serve ‘his kind’.

We should be telling a wonderful story. A well-meaning citizen, Yossi Gallo, saw a guy who was down on his luck, brought him to MacDonalds, and paid for his meal.

Great story, right?

Not really. It wasn’t so great when they called the cops and demanded the homeless man thrown out. He wasn’t even permitted to finish his meal.

What was the problem?

They gave some BS excuse that he had been panhandling from the other customers, and needed to leave. But Yossi stood up for him.

The man whose meal he just paid for was minding his own business, and eating the meal he was so graciously given. And Yossi said so.



He tried to shame the restaurant and management into doing the decent thing and let the man finish his meal with dignity.

That was NOT going to happen.

He got loud about how unjust they were being. He did nothing confrontational. He did not threaten or swear. He simply said ‘you guys suck’. This man did nothing wrong. What you are doing is wrong, and you know it.

I brought HIM in here from down the street, he did nothing wrong.

Guess what happened?

They were BOTH ejected from the MacDonalds.

The restaurant tells the story differently.

Joel Pellicci Jr, who owns the McDonald’s franchise where the incident took place, released a statement saying: ‘At my restaurant, the goal is to provide our customers with a positive and welcoming experience each time they visit.

‘Unfortunately, the individual in this video has a history of disruptive behavior and has been asked to leave by management and police on several occasions.’
Source: DailyMail

Forty Million (+) shares later, management probably wishes they had let both men just finish their meals and leave quietly.

Watch the video to the end.

For all the crap they both went through, it has an ending we think you’ll find heartwarming and happy.

Was MacDonald's wrong to throw them both out?

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