WATCH: Would You Consider These Anti-Trump Protesters TERRORISTS?

What do would YOU call this kind of behavior?

Do you remember how bad it was when President Trump was still candidate Trump?

It was brutal!

The protests were non-stop and they weren’t all ‘peaceful’.

Watch as these Anti-Trump protesters tear through barricades and cause chaos outside of the California Republican Convention where Trump was set to speak. Would you consider them to be terrorists? Or do you think that they have the right to disturb the peace like this?

Here is the CNN coverage of the ‘peaceful protesters’ with their ‘festive atmosphere’:

The alternative media showed the moment the protesters shoved down the barricades and rushed to the hotel doors:

But… security found a way around that mess:

By the way, this is what was happening to those trying to get into the GOP convention:

What do you think?

Are they terrorists or protesters?

Let’s make sure that we are using proper definitions.

Using the Google Machine, here’s what we’re looking at.

First up — ‘Terrorist’:

And then — ‘Protester’:

Which do those people look like?

WATCH: Would You Consider These Anti-Trump Protesters TERRORISTS?

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Of course, we used Google, which has a distinct leftist bias.

They were ‘With Her’ in the 2016 Election.

For now, at least, let’s trust their dictionary definitions.

Because if they start changing the definitions of things, then they’ve gone completely over the deep end.

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