Watch: Should Christians Dump Trump If Donald Boinked Stormy?

The media’s favorite Porn Star promised a big ‘bang’, but could barely manage a fizzle.

It was as over-hyped as Geraldo’s infamous ‘Capone Vault’ — which was empty.

As breathlessly anticipated by the Trump-haters as Maddow’s thoroughly embarrassing ‘tax scoop’.

Do you remember that sad display? If not, Twitter is here to remind us.

Ok, with that as an intro, how bad was it?

Doug Giles, on Warriors and Wildmen, hammers that overblown Stormy Daniels interview:

Watch: Should Christians Dump Trump If Donald Boinked Stormy?

Watch: Should Christians Dump Trump If Donald Boinked Stormy?

Posted by Warriors And Wildmen on Monday, March 26, 2018

Doug wasn’t the only one saying WTF when he saw ‘Stormy’s too-wide pupils.

That’s normal, right?

“Sure” it is. #Tripping

It’s probably nothing. Hard to say. We don’t exactly have the breadth of experience in the treatments exotic, *ahem* , diseases and their side effects that, say, a Bangkok brothel might have, and let’s be honest — that is NOT something we have any interest in plugging into a search engine.


Breitbart’s Nolte summed up the ‘blockbuster’ interview this way:

On Sunday night, all 60 Minutes was able to deliver was dirt, empty promises, and defeat.

The dirt came from interviewer Anderson Cooper, who found it “newsworthy” to include salacious details, such as Stormy playfully swatting Trump with a magazine. The only news value there is just how desperate the far-left Cooper is to embarrass the president.

Going for the Humiliation Gold, Cooper even asked the former porn star, “Did he use a condom?”
And this 60 Minutes interview was supposed to be the long-awaited climax of a months-long narrative, but not a single new piece of news was revealed.
Source: Breitbart

Are we really surprised?

She has sex with strangers for money. We normally call someone who does that a ‘prostitute’.

We’ve seen how Cooper puts partisan political narrative ahead of the facts of the story. Reporters whose integrity is for sale like that get called the same thing.

Are we really surprised to see that the end result is all hype and no story when two people of such impeccable moral character set out to take down a President?

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Doug Giles

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