Watch: Burglar Breaks Into Chick’s Apartment – Leaves With A Hole In Him On A Stretcher

When Mace is not enough: Another happy ending courtesy the Second Amendment.

Coming home at 10 pm, an unnamed woman discovered her home had been broken into.

The dillweed pushed out the AC and crawled inside.

Getting out again would be more difficult than he thought.

Then she came face to face with a burglar, who she said was grabbing her stuff and trying to push her dog out of the way, WAGA reported.

She maced the burglar, the station said, and he screamed, tried to wipe the mace off his face, and came at the woman.

Soon the pair was “fighting in the apartment,” she told WAGA, which noted mace splatter as well as holes in the wall from their battle.

Then amid the scary struggle, the woman told the station she recalled one very important detail.
Source: The Blaze

Somebody should really tell that school shooting ‘victim’ (activist) David Hogg what happened next.

I remembered I had a gun hidden,” she told WAGA. “It was behind my TV. … I grabbed it, and I maced him one more time just to slow him down. And that’s when I just shut my eyes and undid the safety and just pulled.”
Source: The Blaze

Was that the end of it? Just like in the movies?

No. (And you can tell the who-needs-a-large-magazine-people that part, too.)

Fortunately her boyfriend and best friend heard her screams and came to her door, managed to open it, and then the woman and burglar fell out, WAGA reported. The woman’s best friend then tackled the burglar and held him until police arrived, the station said.
Source: The Blaze

It didn’t kill him (dillweed — his name, if you care, was David Ray Hudgens — was hospitalized).

He was on drugs, they say.

Four guns and a laptop were stolen. He likely had an accomplice.

He will either learn the lesson, or (more likely) share his fate.

That guy’s 44 years old, and still not a man yet. Just a pathetic clown.

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