Watch: Bikini Clad Drunk Chick Kills Man And Child – Here’s Video Of Her Sobriety Test

How is it possible that people are still drinking and driving these days?

After decades of ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ PSAs, idiots are still drinking and driving.

And idiot friends are letting them.

This co-ed decided that she wasn’t too impaired to drive, despite having a blood-alcohol level 25 times the legal limit. Not surprisingly, she crashed into another car and destroyed one young family.

Here is what was left of the young couple’s car:

Texas State University public relations student, Shana Elliot, 22, pleaded guilty Monday in the drunken car crash that took the lives of Fabian Guerrero Moreno, 23, and his unborn child on August 2, 2016.

Father-to-be Moreno was with his five-months pregnant wife, Kristian Nicole, who was injured – leading to the unborn child’s death.

In the upsetting video shown to the jury, shows Elliot is seen walking the line while telling a police officer, ‘kill me now, please… I just want them to be OK,’ following the fatal crash.


Bikini-clad drunk driver pleads guilty in crash that killed man and unborn child. A Texas State University student accused of killing a man and his unborn child in a 2016 drunk driving incident pleaded guilty. Shana Elliott, 22, crashed her Chevrolet Impala over the center line on Highway 21 into a Toyota Corolla. Inside the Corolla were father-to-be Fabian Guerrero-Moreno, 23, and his wife, Kristian Nicole Guerrero, who was five months pregnant. Guerrero-Moreno died in the Aug. 2 crash and his wife’s injury led to the unborn child’s death.

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Elliot’s blood alcohol level was .199 when she was taken to hospital after the crash, KXAN reports. The legal limit in Texas is 0.08.

She had how much alcohol in her system?

What did she do, open up a vein and pour it in?

Soak in it and absorb it through her skin?

Maybe they should have tested how much blood was in the alcohol rushing through her veins.

She wasn’t drinking alone, her friends could have stopped her.

She admitted to police that she had been drinking beer and liquor while floating down the river at Texas State Tubes with friends just before the horrific crash around 6pm.

Police said that the couple were driving in the opposite direction down Highway 21 in San Marcos when the public relations senior, driving a Chevy Impala, drifted into oncoming traffic and collided with their car head-on.

Here is Elliot:

Here are Fabian Guerrero Moreno and Kristian Guerrero on their wedding day:

The day before the crash, Kristian shared this sonogram photo on social media:

Mrs. Guerrero was driving the vehicle at the time, with her husband was sitting in the passenger seat.

Moreno died at the scene and his wife was taken to hospital in a serious condition.  

Following the accident, an ultrasound was performed and the baby’s heartbeat was detected.

Her aunt said that a short time after the crash, doctors performed an ultrasound and detected the baby’s heartbeat.

‘Kristian was so relieved that she would still have part of her husband after finding out he had passed,’ the aunt explained.

But a repeat ultrasound showed that the baby had died in the womb. 

Labor was induced and the baby was stillborn.

The couple had disagreed over the middle name of the baby if it had been a boy. They had both agreed that he would be named Fabian after his father, but Kristian had preferred the name Fabian Michael while her husband wanted Fabian James. The young widow named her stillborn son Fabian James as her husband had wished.

Elliot was charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle and intoxication assault with a vehicle.

The trial, which started on Tuesday, will still go ahead – but because of Elliot’s plea, it will only be to determine her sentence.

Source: Daily Mail

Some accidents are just accidents.

But this deadly crash was preventable.

Elliot didn’t have to get behind the wheel.

Her friends could have prevented her from driving.

I can’t believe I have to say this in 2018, but ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’.

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