Watch: Big Tech Is A Big Threat To Civil Liberties – ‘They’re Worse Than Big Government’

Does this come as a big shock to you, or are you not surprised at all?

If you’re surprised, then you’re obviously not one of the many Conservative accounts on Twitter that lost thousands of followers overnight.

Big Tech companies are increasingly in control of information.

We saw how Google ‘buried’ the ‘Clinton Body Count’ to help Hillary during the 2016 Election. (Not that it helped her.)

Google has also been exposed for their bias in their handling of James Damore, the creator of the now-famous ‘Google Memo’. Since his firing, it’s been made clear that there is definitely a blatant left-wing bias within Google that is encouraged by the higher-ups.

Pretty scary when you consider that this is where most of us get our information.
The need to control your Newsfeed seems to be Facebook‘s big focus right now, but you can click here and learn how YOU can take back control.

And then there is YouTube. The video platform is well-known as a promoter of bland leftist content and overt censorship of the most innocuous of conservative videos. Prager University is suing YouTube for demonetizing their videos almost immediately after posting. It seems that the YouTube ‘algorithms’ tend to de-monetize conservatives with no real reason other than the vague ‘violation of standards’ — yet, there is a HUGE problem with inappropriate content being listed as ‘child-friendly’ and these are still up and monetized.

Oh, sure, there’s some good with these tech giants, but things can turn on a dime.

Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates raise their kids tech-free.

The influence is only growing.

Farhad Manjoo has been covering tech for 20 years and he’s worried about what he calls the ‘Frightful Five’ — Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook — are more powerful than governments.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Terry Gross of NPR:

So what makes them frightful, first of all, is that they are very, very big. And they play a huge role – they all play sort of huge roles in our lives kind of personally and at a kind of society-wide level. So if you live kind of a modern American life, it’s impossible to, you know, to live without all of them for most people. And more than that, they sort of are being asked to do and they kind of know more about us than any corporations in history. They’re more – they’ve become kind of more like governments than companies with the amount of money they have, with the kind of power they have over democracy in society.
Source: NPR

Fortunately, there is pushback from content creators that don’t want ‘Big Tech’ all up in everyone’s business.

Watch Bill Ottman from discuss the issue with Tucker Carlson.

Update: Here is a screenshot of the video we DID have here.

As you can see, it was taken down by ‘the big guys’.

Since we first wrote this that video is no longer available via youtube. Thanks for proving our point for us.

Here is the same Tucker Carlson interview elsewhere. Hopefully it will last longer than the first one.

If it goes grey like the other one, we all know what happened.

Hats off to you, Mr. Ottman.

We wish you well in your badass endeavor.

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This shirt is sure to liven up the party. It doesn’t have just ONE controversial statement, but TWO. With Jesus in the mix, it could nearly start a riot.

Which, if you’ve read the book, was pretty much what would happen when Jesus swept into town, anyway. But which part of the shirt will get people more heated?

Jesus kicking ass? Some people actually have a problem with that?

Set aside the fact that he’s returning as a conquering king:

Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron.

Even in his time here, he was hardly the hippie-dippie gentle Jesus that pacifists would paint him as. He told his followers to ‘buy a sword’.

He swaggered into the temple like he owned the place. Because He does.

He saw the contempt the merchants and swindlers had for the real significance of the house — and he started braiding a whip.

A WHIP! Then he started, literally, cleaning house.

And before the Fundamentalists get too pleased with themselves… do you know what his very FIRST miracle was?

Turning water into wine.

No, dear. Not ‘grape juice’. Are you kidding? What self-respecting wedding host would have fallen for Welches?. The steward of the feast called it ‘the good stuff’. As in the quality vintage.

Why? Because a wedding is to be celebrated, with wine.

Just how much did Jesus ‘approve’ or ‘disapprove’ of wine?

Let’s flip the question back on the teetotalers: do the words ‘drink this in remembrance of me’ ring any bells?

Now that we’ve answered THAT question… Cheers!

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