Watch: Big Mama BLOCKS Road During Protest – That Was A Very Bad Idea

What part of ‘right of way’ does this chick not understand?

Of course, this was a BLM protest, so — there’s that factor to consider. We all know how law-abiding these things are.

Lardass decided to pick a fight with someone who just wanted to drive away. They weren’t even trying to drive THROUGH the intersection, they were turning right, to bypass it.

But tubby decided she was important enough to illegally detain them, and stood antagonistically in the street. Right against their front bumper.

They tried Honking. They tried yelling. They tried ‘bumping’ her while moving slowly.

“Stop. Stop-stop-stop-stop-stop.” (She stood — arms open wide — as though she was the victim.)

Other protesters were taking her side, calling it ‘assault’ if they even nudge her at 2 mph. And started to crowd around her. Notice the one dressed all in black beside her.

Would YOU have claimed self-defense?

(These same morons didn’t seem to have anything to say about their right to proceed down the road unhindered.)


So, here’s their dilemma. They’re at an anti-police protest…

What are they going to do? Call the cops?


They could have avoided this situation altogether if only they’d read this.

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