Watch: 14yr. Old Kid Apologizes For Being White In Front of Entire School

Would you want your kid to be reciting a poem like this at school?   This is something that you really have to see to believe.

An eighth-grader in Atlanta recited a “slam” poem that epitomizes the burden we place on our children.

14-year-old Royce Mann’s “White Boy Privilege” poem has gone viral and is lauded by social just warriors as a triumph of an enlightened child. But it’s not. It’s just sad.

Mann apologizes to black people, Asians, American Indians, immigrants and “everyone who isn’t a middle- or upper-class white boy.”


The teen spoke to Splinter News:

“That was the first time I did slam poetry,” Mann told me in a phone interview from his Atlanta home. “I wrote it because I became aware of white privilege this year. We have a class called Race, Class and Gender that everyone has to take, and I got really passionate about how unfair it is.

Sounds like brainwashing to me.

Did anyone call out the Jewish boy on his cultural appropriation in his slam poetry?

Maybe someone could tell Royce that his ‘White Boy Privilege’ includes making less than many other ethnic groups:

Patriots: Show The Next Liberal Who Screams ‘White Privilege’ This Damning Document

It also means being discriminated against when he applies to college:

LMAO: Ivy-League School Gets BUSTED For Bizarre Racist Application Policy

FYI, Royce Mann is an actor.

He’s also been performing more political poetry — one about Black Lives Matter and another titled, ‘Rise Up’.

What’s sad is that Royce is trying to do the right thing and be on the right side.

He’s just a kid.

Where are those people telling him that there are Americans that make successes of themselves despite their original station in life every single day?

Perhaps he’ll be inspired by today’s headline:

Dear Race Baiters: Under Trump, Black Unemployment Is At A 17yr. Low #MAGA

He could write a new Trumperific slam poem.

Or he could be inspired by these successful individuals:

Justice Clarence Thomas didn’t have the easiest life.  He was the only black man in his high school and he was an honor student.

Neither did Dr. Ben Carson.  He was an angry young man that nearly stabbed someone.

Condoleezza Rice grew up in racially segregated Alabama and remembers the early days of the Civil Rights movement.

And, of course, the man that should have been the first black President of the United States — Herman Caine, who grew up ‘poor but happy’.  His dad worked three jobs to give his children a better life.

And if you think that I’m just picking Conservatives, here’s a liberal that made it:

Oprah.  Honey, her parent’s didn’t even get her name right — it was supposed to be Orpah from the Bible, but they misspelled it.  And if that weren’t bad enough, she grew up in a Milwaukee ghetto.

Yes, Royce — Milwaukee and a ghetto.

I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

Anyone can make something of themselves — because this is America.

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