Viral Video: Bro’s Speech On Gun Causes Democrats To Throw Huge Walkout Hiss Fit

This. Is. Epic. If you believe in the right to bear arms, then you need to see this video.

One Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Nick Freitas, made a powerful speech that has garnered over 14 million views on Facebook in less than a week.

Del. Freitas is one of several Republicans that is preparing to challenge Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) — who was Hillary’s former running mate — in the November mid-term election.

Del. Freitas made a passionate speech about the gun control debate. He debunked the idea that ‘gun violence’ can be reduced by infringing on the Second Amendment, queries why all mass shootings occur in ‘gun-free zones’, and the inconvenient truths with regard to mass shooters — the high likelihood of killers coming from broken homes without a father present.

He began by saying that there needs to be ‘mutual respect’ which hadn’t been shown in the House as some Democrats had likened Republicans defending the Second Amendment to segregationists and Nazis.

Del. Freitas said as much in the caption of the video, ‘For several days now, some Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates have made public speeches comparing those of us who take our oath to the Constitution seriously, to include the 2nd Amendment, to Nazis and segregationists.

This is my response:

Delegate Nick Freitas on the Second Amendment

For several days now, some Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates have made public speeches comparing those of us who take our oath to the Constitution seriously, to include the 2nd Amendment, to Nazis and segregationists. This is my response:

Posted by Nick Freitas on Friday, March 2, 2018

Those on the left insist that the gun is at fault and the only solution for horrific crimes like what happened in Parkland, Florida is some sort of gun control. Yet, they refuse to acknowledge that gun control hasn’t worked in the past and that there are legitimate other issues that could be examined.

Some of the Democrats were so angry that they walked out. On Monday, the chairman of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus explained why.

Remember how Del. Freitas asked for ‘mutual respect’?

Well, you can forget that.

During Monday’s floor session, Del. Lamont Bagby, D-Henrico, the chairman of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, called Freitas’ comments “hateful and divisive,” adding that he wanted to put all legislators on notice that “our heritage will not be used as a political football.”

Bagby said many Democrats saw Freitas’ comments — suggesting “abortion, welfare, family structure and a litany of other stereotypes” are also factors in the gun-violence problem — as racial “dog whistling.”

“We realize that we live in a ugly political moment. So while we were offended, we were not surprised,” Bagby said. “It should embarrass every member of this body that we have allowed such rhetoric to enter these chambers. Bringing up a very painful past to make a political point is disgusting and poisonous.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch article continues:

On what was expected to be a slow Friday, Freitas blasted Democrats for suggesting Republicans’ pro-gun views align them with Nazis, terrorists and segregationists. He accused Democrats of being the party of slavery, Jim Crow and Massive Resistance, saying those “sins” shouldn’t be projected onto Republicans.

Arguing guns shouldn’t be the sole focus of the national conversation on school shootings and gun violence, Freitas said liberal policies that weaken families and lead to “broken homes” also should be examined.

Del. Freitas also says that he was not intending to offend other delegates with his speech and said, ‘More and more, offense is used as a weapon with which to turn away debate, and I’m not going to accept that.’

Several Delegates walked out rather than listen to Del. Freitas.

Del. Delores McQuinn, D-Richmond, who walked off the floor Friday rather than listen to Freitas, also rose Monday to address what she called “insensitivity and disrespect” that deflected from the issue of gun violence.

“Let us not bring in things that would be hurtful and painful to people who have to live in a skin that some of you will never know and have to endure a reality that being black in America is sometimes difficult,” McQuinn, who is African-American, told the majority-white chamber.
Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch

How can you have a debate about real issues when one side demands the right to scream ‘Nazi!’ and ‘Segregationist!’ then cries, ‘Racism!’ when they are called out for it?

This is exactly why we cannot properly debate so many vital issues.

But good on ya, Del. Freitas, at least you tried. And in trying, you got your EPIC message across to millions of Patriots — and all of them agree with you.

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