VIRAL: Vegas Massacre Witness Makes BRILLIANT Point About The NFL ‘Kneelers’

Crisis. It has a way of focusing the mind on what’s really important. A week ago, the NFL was all we’d talk about. But now…

First, let’s go back to the beginning.

Russel Bleck was one of the eyewitnesses of the now-infamous bloodbath in Las Vegas. More than just a witness, he was filming at the time.

He was the one who told us that he had witnessed people plugging bullet holes with their fingers.

How’s THAT for a harrowing image? Remember this wasn’t a warzone, it was an outdoor concert right here in America!

He was right there in the VIP tent when all hell broke loose.

Listen to Russell Bleck on Fox News:

He gave the breakdown of what was happening.

He described the way people were hopelessly boxed in by the barricades. He described the zip-zip-zip of bullets piercing the tent they had taken shelter in.

He described the police, so many of them — who KNEW they were hopelessly out-gunned in this encounter — standing up and running to confront the danger. To step up and protect innocent lives.

Here was the takeaway quote that really ought to shame the NFL take a knee crowd… especially in light of all the personally insulting things Kaepernick and others have claimed about their b latent disregard for human lives, or justice.

“In a world where everyone’s kneeling, I saw hundreds of people standing up and running towards the danger.”

Wow. Picture that, in the midst of all that chaos.

Would a single quarterback have joined their charge? No. Of course not.

But police officers, who barely earn a fraction of what these star athletes, in that moment, DID show blatant disregard for human life… THEIR OWN.

Story after story came out of this event where police made themselves into targets — even donning reflective yellow police jackets — to direct the panicking crowd to safety. Or throwing their own bodies over those of trembling strangers to shield them from the hail of gunfire.

Courage isn’t taking a knee during the anthem.

Courage is putting your own life ‘second’ when trying to save someone else’s.

Maybe the athletes — who aren’t worthy to tie some of these heros’ shoelaces — ought to think about that the next time they’re tempted to ‘take a knee’ in protest of the police.

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