Video: Watch Pelosi Blow A Fuse When Bro Confronts Her On Her Tax Cut ‘Crumbs’ Blather

The student said that the tax cuts are helping to put him through college. The House Minority Leader responds…

A Georgetown student eloquently confronted Sen. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on her infamous ‘crumbs’ comment on the Republican tax bill.

In January, Pelosi was widely criticized for saying that the savings from the Republican tax cuts and companies’ bonuses to workers amount to mere “crumbs” for the middle class.

On Tuesday, a Georgetown University student asked the Democratic leader if she still thought “crumbs” was a good way to describe benefits resulting from the tax law.

“As the son of small business owners, I know that it’s helped my parents hire more employees. It’s helped us pay off our mortgage, helped put me through college,” the student said. “Would you still refer to the effects of this tax plan on average Americans as ‘crumbs?'”

She didn’t back down on her ‘crumbs’ comment, though.

“My statement was really a fuller statement that says while they provide a banquet for the top one percent, they are giving some crumbs to other people,” she said.
Source: Fox News Insider

She then went on seemingly to decry the rising national debt and the cuts to social services and education.

She also says that a budget should reflect our national values and goes on about Medicare, Medicaid, and… the Farm Bill?

Watch Rep Nancy Pelosi’s defensive response:

She didn’t address the ‘crumbs’ that are helping put Sam through college other than the ‘I’m glad you’re benefiting from it’ right at the very end.

That woman is nuttier than a squirrel turd.

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