VIDEO: Watch Hillary Start Kissing Trump’s Butt After Revelation Of Dossier Funding

Looks like the ‘Resistance’ isn’t working for Hillary anymore…

She’s softening a bit now that all of the ‘Russian Collusion’ is pointing right at her.

And that Dossier.

And the Uranium One deal.

And potential Russian bribes.

And possible violation of Federal Election laws.

And the Clinton Foundation.

And Bill’s big payday in Moscow.

Looks like Putin was ‘With Her’, too.

The failed Presidential candidate was on ABC News’ World News Tonight on Wednesday, following the revelation that her campaign and the DNC were responsible for paying for the now discredited Trump-Russia dossier.

On Wednesday, the non-partisan Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the FEC stating that Hillary’s campaign and the DNC violated campaign finance laws by not disclosing payments for the dossier.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign violated campaign finance laws by failing to accurately disclose payments related to the so-called Trump Dossier, the non-partisan Campaign Legal Center said in a complaint filed today with the Federal Election Commission.

Source:  Lawz News

Perhaps she was trying to be conciliatory and replacing her red-hot rage that normally bubbles forth every time the name ‘Trump’ comes up.

Check it out:

From the video:

I also said that I thought we should give a chance — we had to give an open mind — to the new President, and I meant it.

You know, I didn’t want everybody who voted for me just immediately going into kind-of a defensive crouch.

Let’s see, maybe there will be a pivot.

She starts out with the ‘let’s give him a chance’, then doubles down saying that President Trump continued to be divisive with his ‘nativist, populist, nationalist, scapegoat’ rhetoric.

Really, Hill?

She must’ve forgotten about the ‘basket of Deplorables’ that voted for him.

But let’s back up for a second.

Is Hillary really calling out President Trump for scapegoating?

She wrote a whole freaking book called ‘What Happened’ where she blamed everyone but herself for her horrendous election loss.

Check out this awesome vid from The Daily Caller:

Maybe it’s those long walks in the woods and chardonnay mellowing her out.

Perhaps it’s because she knows she could be in Very Big Trouble because of the connection between her campaign, the DNC and the Trump dossier, not to mention all those other Russian connections.

Or maybe — She’s just crazy.

Ladies — get yours here.

Gents — get yours here.

Is it just me, or is Hillary Clinton mental? In her recent, horrendous book, she blamed everyone from the moon and back for her loss in the 2016 Presidential election. She blamed Trump, hard-working Americans, sexism, self-hating women, news outlets, the ones that aren’t full of leftists, voter suppression, Russia, her own campaign staff, the DNC, campaign finance laws, the Electoral College and more. Crazy how she forgot the part that she’s a liar, she’s mental, and no one likes her.

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